Tuesday, November 29, 2016

6 months already?!

How can the girls be 6 months?! It feels like they were just born a few weeks ago. They didn't get the memo that since they are my last babies they are supposed to stay babies. Tabitha is sitting up on her own and is so full of smiles. Phoebe is rolling everywhere and wants to touch and pick up anything she can get her hands on. They are adored by their brothers and the feeling is mutual.


Friday, November 11, 2016

A Few New Things

I have fallen really, really behind on blogging. It's a shame because it was an easy way to keep track of the boys' milestones. I'll try to be better but no promises because I am still unpacking and these two and their 3 brothers keep me very busy.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Start of the school year

This year was the first year all three boys went to school. Jonah started the first grade and Simon and Elliott started preschool. They originally started 3 full-time days/week but it was way too much for them and it felt silly to be paying that much when I was sitting at home without them. Now they go to a much smaller preschool 2 days/week for 2 1/2 hours. They are learning and bring home a lot of projects.

Jonah school year is...going. We knew it would be a little bit of a transition leaving the school we loved in Cincinnati. We moved to the town we did because the school district is ranked as one of the top in the state. I am not impressed. Jonah is bored. Everything they are doing he did in kindergarten. At the beginning of the year he tested at a 2nd grade reading level and the one thing I am happy about is that the books they send home are more appropriate for him than books other 1st graders would be reading. However it is hard to get him to read things that don't interest him. One book was about Westminster and was so dry and a very weird choice for a 7 year old. He loves library time and usually chooses books about animals (mostly birds). Last year he always checked out a Curious George book for Simon. Recess is 15 minutes. Ridiculous. He goes to before and after school care on Mondays and Fridays because I usually work Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. He really likes the activities there excluding the sports. His interest in art continues to grow and he has the neatest handwriting.

Simon loves preschool which is not surprising because he begged to go all last year. His coloring and even drawing amaze me. Maybe because I still think of him as so little but I'm in awe of how well he draws for a 3 year old. His favorite color is blue and I probably hear 10 times a day "Blue is my color!" from him. He doesn't realize it but blue has always been his color. When the boys were born we assigned them colors to keep track of what belonged to which boy. Simon is blue, Elliott is green and Jonah is red.

Elliott doesn't usually want to go to preschool but has a good time when he is there. He is a challenging 3 year old and his favorite word is no. I think his teacher made up the sad face, happy face discipline system just for him. He has taken an interest in letters and their sounds and both he and Simon like to point out letters they know on signs. Their favorites are the letters in their names. He likes to color, mostly on the walls, floor and furniture.

 Here are some pictures of the boys and their first day of school signs. They uploaded out of order but you know who is who. I realized later that Elliott's name was spelled incorrectly. Oh and Simon made sure to tell me he wanted to be a nice nurse and not a mean nurse. I am not sure where that came from. Jonah still wavers daily between engineer and artist. He likes to construct (and plan) but he also likes to draw. I suggested architecture but he hasn't come around yet.

Friday, September 4, 2015

First trip to the beach in Texas

The last 2 months have just flown by but at the same time we also feel like we've been here forever. We had a week and half to unpack the house when we arrived before we started work. Since then I have been working 4 or 5 days every week and Matt has been working 5 days a week. Going from being home everyday with the kids to being gone 14 hours a day was very hard. I loved my new job and it was very exciting and fulfilling but arranging childcare was stressful and the kids were spending more time with the nanny than either of us. I found a part time nights position that I started 2 weeks ago but have been doing orientation full time until this week. I don't like working nights and weekends but it means I get to be home with the kids more.

That's a quick update. I am going to try to get caught up on the last 2 months. Here are some pictures from our first trip to the beach. We're about 45 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. The boys loved it especially Jonah. We haven't had a chance to get back since that day but hope to soon.

Monday, June 22, 2015

We're back!

Back on the blog that is. Since we're headed away from family once again I need to get serious about reviving the blog. We left for Texas this morning and are spending the night about 5 hours from our new home in Houston. The kids did amazing on the drive although we'll see how the night goes since they sat in the car most of they day. Here are some pictures of the boys from about a month ago and yesterday.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Matt had Christmas Eve off work through that Monday so we had a 4 day weekend which made it possible to spread out our Christmas celebrations. It was a relaxing few days which was so nice after being away for so long. The boys were spoiled and there are still gifts we haven't opened. I'm drawing a blank on anything noteworthy about our holiday. We were able to meet up with Laura and Matt at a children's museum in Illinois which was unplanned bonus. Here are a few recent pictures.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The next step

Two posts in one day?! I desperately need to get caught up. We're skipping forward a bit and will go back and cover Christmas but in case everyone had not heard, we'll be moving in June for Matt to do a pediatric interventional radiology fellowship. He had three interviews (Little Rock, Pittsburgh and Houston) and three offers. It was a tough decision because everyone at Little Rock was so, so nice and it would have been a great place to live. Ultimately we decided on Houston because they have a much larger volume and Matt would get to see so much more. Here is our picture announcing the move. This was as good as I could get before Elliott melted down. That is what Jonah does when I tell him to look at the camera.