Monday, August 24, 2009

12 month appointment

Another picture from Grandma's visit. I don't know what Jonah was waving at but his tongue is out in all the pictures.

Jonah had his 12 month appointment today. The doctor was really nice (she is originally from Michigan) and the office staff was friendly. As soon as we walked back into the room Jonah reached out for the nurse to hold him. She didn't look like anyone we know so it isn't that he thought she was someone else. She was more than happy to hold him and he even gave her a hug. Even though we waited for less than 10 minutes it was hard to keep Jonah entertained. He wanted the clock off the wall so I tried to distract him with everything in the diaper bag. Have I ever told you he is extremely active? I was sweating after trying to corral him and it is only in the 60s today. Anyway, everything went well. He has to go back at 15 months to check his weight and height because he hadn't grown much since his 9 month appointment (although his head has continued to grow nicely). He was 20 lbs and 28 in. He had a bunch of shots and his iron checked. You should have seen how he looked at the nurse. That is why I don't do peds. Neonates are much easier to console and they don't hold it against you. He was pretty upset until he had some crackers and played with a toy car in the waiting room. Then when we came home he had lunch and was in a great mood. He is napping now and then I'm going to attempt to take him shopping. I'm going to bring many snacks and toys and give him tylenol before we leave. Wish me luck!

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grandma J said...

I hope the shopping trip went well! Jonah is very active and I wonder if that is why his weight did not change.he burns lots of calories. He may have the Plunk metabolism and build.
I miss you guys already.
I love you all. Please give Jonah a kiss an hug for me.