Sunday, August 23, 2009

Longest Weekend of My Life

This lasted about 10 seconds. Notice Jonah is smiling because he is kicking Caleb. Stink face. Smiley. More teeth on the way. Jonah is teething and the dogs and I are on the outs. Matt worked 14 hours yesterday and it looks like today will be the same. Above are some random pictures. We have many pictures from the past few days but in most of them he has no pants. Changing Jonah's diaper and dressing him is a challenge. He is always on the go. I consider it a success if I get the diaper changed without having to change my clothes. So during the day (unless we're going somewhere) he doesn't usually wear clothes. When I do have to actually get him dressed the neighbors probably think he is being tortured because he screams. Here is a video of Jonah this evening.

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grandma J said...

I love you Jonah!
You are so smart, i saw you move the basket when it got stuck.
You are so busy, Make sure you let Mommy rest sometimes.
I love you all, thanks for such a great visit.
I washed the Care Bears today and found some of Daddy's old wooden puzzles for you to play with when you visit in October.
I miss you too.