Sunday, August 30, 2009

Picture as promised

Don't I look like a movie star?

So here is a picture of me. I know people notice that there are never pictures of me but that is because I'm always taking the pictures. I try to have Matt snap one of me when we're together but my camera is finicky and you must push the button just the right way or it will be out of focus (just like the one above). Here is a preview of Jonah's pictures. I couldn't get any closer because they're glossy and had a glare. I think I'll do all black frames with white mats because they'll look good with both the black and white and the color. We also have a family picture but I forgot to add that. I'm not in love with it but it is the first professional one we've had taken. When Jonah and I arrived home yesterday we saw a frenchy being walked and the guy asked if Jonah wanted to pet it (could it have been his squealing that gave us away?). It was soooo calm. Even Oliver is a calm guy but this little girl was super calm. She was also huge. Come to think of it, maybe it was a boston terrier. I saw the ears and thought french bulldog but it was as big as or bigger than Oliver and the guy said he expected her to gain 15 lbs more. So I guess now I look like an idiot because I called it a frenchy. Speaking of Oliver, I have some photos that I've never shared of the little guy. So I'll post them...tomorrow.

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