Thursday, August 27, 2009

Snoqualmie Falls

We headed to Snoqualmie Falls today and had an exhausting but fun day. I realized when we got there that I forgot the carrier for Jonah so we had to carry him. We decided to go ahead and try hiking a bit anyway. I think we'll all sleep well tonight. I'll have more pictures and a video to post but right now I need to put Jonah to bed and enjoy an evening with Matt without him falling asleep mid conversation. Jonah's birthday pictures are in and we'll pick them up tomorrow. Still not posted on the photographer's blog though. She's more than a little behind. Her last posting was a June wedding.

Jonah rode most of the way

My two favorite guys. I love how Jonah is looking at Matt.

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grandma j said...

What wonderful pictures!! I am going to get a print of the one of Jonah looking at Matt, also the three of Jonah with the different expressions are so good too. The only thing missing is Kim's pretty face in a picture.
Love you all
Hug and kiss Jonah for me