Friday, August 21, 2009

Trip to the aquarium

Oh that face. He is starting to do it whenever I take a picture.

The day after Jonah's birthday we took him to the aquarium. Matt had been wanting to go and at the last minute someone asked him to switch a shift with them (I think he has made a reputation for himself because he got another call yesterday) so he was able to go. It was really fun and you can't beat the location. It is located on a pier. It wasn't as good as the Shedd Aquarium though. Before we went we ate at Ivers. It is a big seafood chain here. We were excited to eat at one right on the water. When you sit outside you can feed the seagulls. Jonah was so funny talking to them. I've been really bad about posting lately. Jonah is everywhere and into everything. I'm always redirecting him from the dogs, the dogs' water, the kitchen cabinets, and the fan. He is absolutely loving all his new books. He likes pictures of animals and I swear he said dog yesterday. In one of his books of animals he will point to the picture of the dog when you ask him. Matt works 12 hour shifts for the next 5 days so it will just be me and Jonah.

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