Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All out of sick days

A picture from the baby shower at work for Laura and I. I chose not to post one that showed our bellies. I don't remember being that big!

Since I couldn't call in to work, Jonah and I toughed it out until Matt woke up and took over so I could take a nap. I'm not feeling 100% but it helped. The camera didn't make it out today. Jonah reminds me all the time that he is a little sponge and that he really is listening to what I'm telling him even if he chooses to ignore it most of the time. He has a book with pictures of everyday objects and when we come to the pages with the socks and shoes he sticks his feet in my face. A few days ago I caught him trying to put a sock on his foot. It will be nice when he can communicate with us. He knows what I'm saying a lot of the time and recognizes some sign language but won't use it. Maybe one day he'll just pick it up.

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