Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beautiful Day

Because you know I love my boy in hats! Let me know if you see any cute ones!

It is the first day where it really feels like fall. It is cool and breezy and gorgeous. I'm sure you know that fall is my all time favorite season. Yesterday we got a slip in our mailbox that said we had 2 packages at the office. So because it was so beautiful outside, I decided that Jonah and I would walk to the office instead of driving. The walk there was so wonderful and refreshing (and downhill). The walk back was sweat-inducing but still fantastic. When we got home I excitedly opened the packages. One was the diapers I ordered for Jonah. He only had a day and a half supply so I got him a few more so I could go two full days without washing them. I'll get a picture of him wearing one that is really adorable once I get around to washing them 5 times first.
The other package was from Laura. Abby had picked out two very cute shirts (the girl has taste) that are so me it is scary. I actually have one of them in two different colors. Also in the box, something only Laura could have orchestrated, was 25 birthday cards from my friends at work. Seeing the girls' writing and messages brought me to tears. They are such a great group of nurses and I miss them so much. They were never just coworkers to me. They are a team that pour themselves into what is often times an emotionally draining job. Seeing them work together while I was volunteering at the hospital during college was what made me want to be a NICU nurse. During the most hectic and the saddest days, they band together and support each other in any way they can. I am grateful to have learned from and worked alongside them. So thank you Laura, April, Leslie, Jen, Julie, Linda S, Linda Sw, Rebecca, Taysha, Lorrie, Carey, Lisa, Nikki, Katrina, Carisa, Amy, Candi, Chris, Betty Anne, Cecelia, Sara, Elena, Suzy, Deb, Betty, Laurie and everyone else! You made my month!

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