Monday, September 28, 2009


I actually decided to sit down and work on the blog tonight and photobucket is down for maintenance. Ugh! I wish I had photoshop. I had it on my computer way back in high school for yearbook stuff. I didn't appreciate it enough. These free versions of photoshop-like software are frustrating. So if photobucket doesn't come back up soon then I'm leaving the blog deconstructed for the time being.

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Matt Bowgren said...


Photoshop CS3 will run aroun $150, but you can get Photoshop Elements for much less and it has most of the Photoshop features. If you are still an active student in the college's computers and have your ID, you can always buy the academic software too. I bought Adobe Studio CS2 for $199 when I was a student and it retailed for about $899 at the time. The license is still valid after you are no longer a student.