Sunday, September 20, 2009

A glimpse of Seattle weather

It has been rainy here this weekend. I now understand why people have rain covers for strollers. I've always thought that if it is raining you should not have your baby outside. Well, the dogs have to go out even when it is raining and I don't really trust Jonah to watch himself. I feel like the hill that I have to push Jonah up to get out of the apartment is getting steeper. It may just be that he is getting heavier. What will I do if it gets icy? Jonah will surely be walking by then. I forgot to mention that he took two steps without holding on to anything. He went from the coffee table to the couch. It happened so quickly I don't think he realized what he had done. Oddly enough he stands on our mattress extremely well. I bring him in our bed in the morning to nurse and let him crawl around until I can manage to get up. The last few days he has been standing up and just staying there. It makes no sense to me that he stands for much longer on a soft mattress than a firm surface.

We used skype this morning to talk to Grandma, Grandpa & Aunt Megan (and Auntie Sara). Jonah was thrilled with the appearance of Oliver and Bailey. We are so excited about our visit home in just over 1 month. I wish Matt could have more than a week off but Jonah and I might change our flight and stay longer. We'll see how the plane ride over goes. I'm a little scared about it.

So I sent out Jonah's birthday pictures but so far most people haven't gotten them. I probably should have put more postage on them. I hope they come soon! Matt is now home sleeping. He got an hour of sleep last night. He says that it isn't that bad and that he isn't working that hard but he is lying. He is amazing and I marvel at his ability to remain awake, functioning and pleasant even though he is always exhausted.


Aunt Paula said...

I got your pictures, Kim. Jonah is adorable! And I love the black and white family photo. Thanks for sending them!

Anonymous said...

I received your pictures Saturday I love all of them especially the one of all 3 of you. cannot wait to see you all. it is raining here also. Love Great Grandma Louise