Friday, September 4, 2009

Hello, Fall!

Look at this cutie! Yes, those are sock monkeys! Even better it is a one size diaper so he can wear it until he is out of diapers and the next baby can wear it as a newborn too.

New pajamas from Great Grandma Louise. He wore that hat around for a good 30 minutes. Silly boy.

Jonah had his first lasagna last night. Do you think he was a fan?

I took some of my fall decorations out last night and can't wait to put them up. But first I have to find places since last year Jonah was just a newborn and not into shaking, grabbing, climbing and eating everything. Jonah received a package from Great Grandma Louise yesterday. Thanks to her he is always well-clothed and stylish. We can't wait to see her in less than two months! I'm sure the people at the office talk about me receiving so many packages. I tried to explain that we've had birthdays lately but it is also because I do much of my shopping online. Speaking of packages arriving, the new stroller is not here yet! I expected it this week. Maybe it will come today. I've been perusing fabrics for the liner I'll make for it but everything I fall in love with is out of print (or way too girly for a little boy). Matt's friend Jacob is in town for some yearly convention that Matt wanted to attend (video game maybe?) but he is working 12 hour shifts the entire convention. He is going to try to meet up with him one night after he is done at the hospital. I almost forgot. I found Jonah standing in the middle of the living room yesterday. I had my camera in hand but the darn memory card was full. I don't know how long he had been standing there but he stood for about 5 seconds more before plopping down. I have a feeling this is the beginning.


Great Grandma Louise said...

Glad the package came through okay. Pjs and things came from Macys they said they have store in Seatle and you can exchange them if you want. I really enjoy the pictures and I am counting days until we can see you all. I know you are taking good care of Matt and Jonah. They are so lucky to have you. Love Great Grandma L.

Grandma Joan said...

Jonah gets cutier each day. I am looking so forward to your visit. I love all the pictures too. Thank you so much Kim for posting them.
I hope you guys have a great holiday week-end.
Love you all
Grandma Joan