Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Hurry up with that food, Dad!"

On Tuesday we went to a park so that Jonah and I could play with some mommies and their kids and Matt took Jo to the dog corral to socialize. She was too scared to leave his side. Since we were already halfway there, we had big plans to drive to the nearest Sonic 30 minutes away because we desperately miss it! Well, a wrong turn and an hour later we gave up and our stomachs led us to the nearest food establishment, KFC. Jonah enjoyed eating his first meal out (I usually bring his food) and gobbled up the chicken, mashed potatoes and biscuit. We will definitely be looking into getting GPS. My car is a sea of google directions. Matt starts a 6 day stretch of night shifts tonight. He'll be on general surgery next so he goes back to Monday through Friday and then overnight call shifts.

I think Jonah is ready for his first haircut. It is over his ears and touches his back when wet. I need to make plans for the week so that Matt can sleep during the day without us disturbing him. Abby and Nate have birthdays coming up so I know one day I'll go to the outlet mall. I bought milk for Jonah today so that I can see how he'll do with it. I've heard some kids don't like it so you have to mix it with breast milk in the beginning. I doubt that will be a problem for Jonah but better safe than sorry. We're down to nursing twice a day and maybe next week I'll try to get it down to once a day. I got on the computer to get an oatmeal chocolate chip recipe so I should go and make them before Jonah wakes up.

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Matt Bowgren said...

I have that same shirt. I'm looking forward to the colder weather so I can wear it again.