Thursday, September 17, 2009

I could spend everyday like this

Jonah and I went to the outlet mall to do a little shopping for some upcoming birthdays and to just hang out. Although I woke up with no voice it was almost back to normal by lunchtime so we headed north. Jonah tolerated three whole stores before deciding he had enough of shopping. Probably better that way because J Crew was next on my list. The weather was gorgeous (essential for an outdoor mall). The best part was when we stopped to get a snack. I'm pretty sure those 2 lbs I lost this week are back. It was so worth it.


"Wanna trade, Mom?"

While drooling over my pretzel I also got to drool over this place. It is best that I never enter.

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Matt Bowgren said...

But Kim, it is an outlet store which means it is less expensive, which therefore means it's okay. They do have great stuff, but you're right, some of it is insanely overpriced.