Sunday, September 6, 2009

One more day

Today is Matt's last day in a stretch and then he has two days off before doing 6 days of nights. The good thing is that it will be the end of his ER rotation. I don't know what is next or what the schedule is like for the next rotation. He did get to go hang out with Jacob last night and I think plans on going again tonight. I wish my friends were in town. Jonah and I met up with some moms and their kiddos at the mall yesterday. Between the 4 of us there were 5 boys (and one unknown gestating). Jonah was excited to get a balloon. Since his birthday he notices balloons wherever we go. I think tonight after he goes to bed I'm going to have to get rid of the birthday and mall balloons though. They're loosing their steam. I have birthday pictures all ready to send out (except for stamps). Since tomorrow is a holiday I'll send them on Tuesday. Three weeks after his birthday isn't too bad, is it? I can't even believe it has been that long. He's changed so much lately. He is making a lot more noise just in the last few days and seems to understand a lot of what I say. Last week he actually used a spoon correctly for two whole bites before throwing it down and digging in with his hands. I need to get working on Jonah's Halloween costume so a trip to the fabric store is on the agenda for the week. The stroller did not come but I did see someone with it (in my color!) in the mall and I love it. The end date they gave for shipping was Tuesday. I hope they took into account the holiday.

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