Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One of my favorite days

I love Matt's days off. It is so nice to have someone to help me with the dogs and and Jonah. I know he misses Jonah terribly and we miss him so much. Even though he is seeing amazing things on this rotation, I hate it. Yesterday he went 16 hours without eating or drinking because they were so busy. Now I know that comes with the territory (I know I've gone entire shifts without stopping for anything) but I don't want my husband to have to do that. I mentioned a while ago that they make the interns start their own ivs and do blood draws. A couple of weeks ago while doing just that Matt got a needle stick. The patient was one of questionable nature too. So we've had to sweat it out for 2 weeks but we received the results and everything is fine. I worry about Matt all the time and that is one of the reasons why. Simply by being in the health profession you are more vulnerable to such things. I couldn't be too upset at him though because it has happened to me too (while pregnant, yikes!). So today we're thankful for our good health and for time to spend together. We went to St. Edward State Park today and had a picnic lunch. It used to be a monastery. The weather was nice and the company was great!

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