Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Oh how I love my chubby baby!

We headed to the zoo today to hang out with a couple other moms and their boys. I actually found it without directions (because I couldn't find them in the diaper bag while driving). I got a membership so Jonah and I can go as much as we want for a year. The only animals he really noticed were the bears. The rest of the time he stayed in the stroller and munched on crackers. I love being able to talk to other moms/wives about residency and kids. The bad part is that Matt's residency is the longest so they'll leave and I'll still be here. They've had record breaking high temperatures the last two days. I completely forgot to take my camera out at the zoo so after we got home (and changed out of cracker covered clothing) we took the dogs out and Jonah played in the grass while I took pictures. He shoved leaves by the handfuls into his mouth and I spent the next hour prying his mouth open and fishing them out. I tried to use the timer to get a picture of Jonah and I but it didn't turn out so well. The stroller doesn't make a good tripod and I barely got there in time so I was picking up Jonah and not looking at the camera.

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kjiles said...

Loved the pict.s Don't understand this new comunication stuff. If it
ain't dirt or I can't race/drive it
I'm lost. Get a hold of me through
e-mail or I'm clueless.
Uncle Keith