Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A bunch of nothing

We went to the park yesterday and met up with some girls and their little boys. Jonah is the youngest and then there were two that are 16 months (pictured) and a 3 year old. Jonah loved seeing them but the highlight was when he got to pet a couple of brittany spaniels. Matt left at 6 am on Monday and didn't get home until 4 pm yesterday. He came home, walked by, said to wake him for dinner and went to bed. I tried to wake him but it wasn't happening so he slept until this morning. He did wake up at some point in the night because he ate a piece of cake. I made Aunt Doris's chocolate cake. Mmmm! I've eaten way too many pieces already.

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Megan said...

Poor Matt, sounds like he is constantly on the go. And poor Kim! You both deserve a nice vacation!