Sunday, October 18, 2009

Doctor visit

We've had a pretty boring weekend here. Yesterday our big adventure was to take Matt to the doctor. He could have gone alone but that would have been 3 hours less we got to spend with him. Jonah and I enjoyed a nice fall walk while he was in the office and then we all walked around the grocery store while waiting for the prescription for antibiotics for Matt's ear infection to be filled. We put Jonah in one of those shopping carts with the car on the front. It had two steering wheels for two kids but Jonah was driving them both. I don't think I'll use that cart for our weekly shopping because it is hard to push. Matt is at the hospital today. He started a family practice rotation this past week and doesn't have to do any overnight call which is really nice. Does Jonah look taller to you in the picture above? I think he has grown but it is hard to measure him when he is so active.

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Grandma Joan said...

I am so glad Matt went to the Doctor for his ear. I hope he starts feeling better.
Yes, Jonah does look taller.
I love you
Grandma Joan