Thursday, October 15, 2009

A glimpse of Seattle

Even though I said it was dangerous, and I can now attest that it is and won't be doing it again, I took some pictures while driving today. Jonah and I met up with friends at a children's museum on the east side and had a blast. They have a special area for kids under 3 that is perfect for crawling and walking alike. Jonah was in heaven as soon as we walked in and saw the kids and all the toys. I had fun chasing him around collecting all the things he put in his mouth to put in the wash bin. One little girl kept him supplied in plastic food and toys. She must have been a big sister. We didn't spend a ton of time there because Jonah missed his morning nap and started to melt down. I'm probably a terrible mom for laughing at him crying but it was so cute. He was playing in the farm area and they had a little rabbit house with stuffed animals inside and he just put his head into the stuffed animals and cried a really sad little cry until I picked him up. While he re-energized with a snack in his stroller we walked around the mall where the museum is located. I'm considering buying a membership but it is quite the drive. It will be shorter once we move into the city though. Anyway, here are the pictures. Considering they were taken while driving and through my dirty windshield, not too bad. Of course I'm not showing the ones of the dashboard and my knee. I took pictures of Jonah too (but not while driving). I'll post them tonight or tomorrow. It depends on if Matt gets home early or I have to do dinner, bath and bedtime alone. They're pretty cute if I do say so myself.

Some of downtown. Matt's hospital is to the left (not visible in the picture). EDIT:Matt informs me the hospital is to the right. I argued with him until I looked at a map.

Driving over a really long bridge toward the city from the east side (aka Bellevue and Mercer Island).

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