Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our weekend

Matt teaching Jonah about video games, already.
The three boys
Jo (who isn't normally allowed on the couch) and Neva

The dogs we know returned this weekend when our guests came to stay. From the moment they attempted to enter Jo barked, growled and lunged. She spent the majority of Saturday in the bathroom by herself. The dogs, Neva and Chugach, were really well behaved and Jonah loved having them here. They were very happy when their mom came to pick them up this morning. At home they have a yard and can go in and out the door as they please.
After they left we took Jonah to the children's play area in the mall and then walked around for a while. It has been very nice having Matt home this weekend. I'm a little bit upset with the surgery program. Matt not only has to work on Christmas and Thanksgiving but he is also on call which means he has to stay overnight and part of the way into the next day. Out of 8 interns he got stuck with those two holidays. It is ridiculous. You would think they would at least give him a break on Christmas since he is the only one with a child. We both agree that it will be hard to get in the holiday spirit this year.
But enough about that. Three weeks from tomorrow we'll be home! I talked to Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds today and they're going to have a wienie roast when we're home. Woohoo! It will be nice to see everyone since we won't see them over the holidays. I'm off to pack away summer clothes! I've felt like I was coming down with something all week and am finally feeling better today. Oh yeah, and some other big news. Jonah weaned himself. I had decided to continue breastfeeding until he was 2 but the day before yesterday he decided he was done. I'm glad I didn't have to cut him off and that he stopped by himself. We'll use up the rest of the frozen milk in the coming week and then he'll be on all cow's milk. He is also trying to go down to 1 nap a day. Some days it is successful and some days not.

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