Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pictures as promised

Here are a few pictures I took yesterday and this morning. It is rainy outside so not a good day to go outside for pictures. We ran around all day yesterday but were able to check many things of the to do list. I found boarding for the dogs. The place doesn't require a temperament test like most other places because they'll be in kennels and not a play area. I know they'll be sad the whole time but we're going to put them in the same kennel so hopefully that will make it better. I think trips home are not going to be as frequent as we originally planned. It costs as much to board the dogs as our plane tickets. That makes for an expensive little trip. I know it will also be hard on the dogs for us to be gone.
A couple of weeks makes such a huge difference in a toddler. Jonah is now up to 25 pounds and is mostly out of his 12 month clothes and even some 12-18 month clothes. He is starting to become more vocal everyday. Mostly he screams. It is not an upset scream but a look how loud I can be scream. He did it at the hospital yesterday, the entire car ride home, grocery store, kinkos, and home dep.ot. Matt has a full day of surgeries today so he'll be home late tonight. The sloppy lentils are in the crock pot and smelling yummy. I hope Matt isn't too late because my mouth is already watering.

Hanging out with dad.

Lounging after breakfast.

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Megan said...

Oh man he has gotten so big. Thanks for entertaining me with new pics while I was at work today. I'm doing my ICU time and I'm not used to all this free time after running around crazy in the ER :) See you soon, like 13 days soon!