Thursday, November 19, 2009

15 months

Jonah had his 15 month appointment today. The doctor was happy to see he is growing and that he was walking. I don't pay attention to all the numbers and this office doesn't give you a copy of the growth chart. It is also old fashion plotting on the growth chart instead of on the computer so I only know the area he falls within. For his height he is around the 10th percentile (same as before), weight 25th-50th% (up from before) and head circumference 50th-75th% (same as before). He was happy to show off his animal noises. He was very upset with the shot this time.
Around $1400 later, we picked up Matt's car and it looks pretty. The month is over half over! Hooray! We'll be so happy to have more time to spend with Matt next month. I can tell by Caleb's behavior that he misses him. And my patience with the dogs is also wearing thin. I'll keep taking pictures until my camera won't turn on anymore.

Caleb's handiwork today. No toy is safe.

Didn't Jonah hear about the pilots who overshot Milwaukee?

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