Monday, November 9, 2009

Another rainy day in Seattle

There isn't much going on here. Jonah has a runny nose and has taken really long naps today so I hope he isn't getting sick. I was looking at the calendar last night to try to figure out a day we could do something as a family when I realized there isn't one. Matt's only day off this month was the day after we returned from Illinois. Of course he is post call some days but he has to sleep sometime. I haven't seen the December schedule but I'm sure it is better than November. They let too many people take vacations this month. I love that they're starting to play Christmas movies and commercials. I'm missing the all Christmas music station on XM I used to listen to when I was driving Matt's car from Peoria to Champaign. Jonah and I haven't brought out the CDs yet but we do listen to the Christmas mouse's music.
Jonah and I took a walk during a break in the rain today. You wouldn't believe the size of the leaves we saw. Below are a couple of pictures from today. I'll try to get a video of Jonah dancing and/or walking soon.

Excuse the look on his face. I guess that is why I should have taken more than one picture.

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grandma Joan said...

Please get well soon Jonah!
Can't wait to see you Dance :)
I really am missing you all today. Take care of each other.
Love you
Grandma J