Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blame it on the rain

Jonah still has his runny nose but doesn't act like he is sick. I had a sore throat today and Matt said he was really tired (but shouldn't he be?) so maybe we all have a little something. I tried my hardest to get a good video today. Jonah was just dancing away and so I went to get the camera and he stopped and refused to dance or walk. So what we have here is a long and rather boring video. I would have edited it but I can't get the internet to work on the desktop and my computer guy has been busy so rather than edit it on that computer and walk all the way back to the laptop I'll show it to you in its entirety. Jonah does a little dancing sitting down but it is nothing compared to the cuteness of the booty shaking he usually does. He is playing with his extremely loud (thanks Uncle Matt and Aunt Heather) airplane which he flips on its side and plays with the shape sorter. It entertains him longer than any other toy. I don't know why he repeatedly handed it to me when he usually does it by himself. Watch how he switches hands and flips it so he puts it in correctly. Sorry Grandpa Tom but it looks like he isn't a lefty. Side note, rained all day today.

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