Sunday, November 29, 2009

Detailed report of Jonah

I promised a post all about Jonah and here it is. It is all silly little stuff but give me a break, he is our first child and he is too cute. I had hoped to have more video but he wasn't in the mood. He is growing and changing everyday. He is no longer content with walking but tries to run. He runs right into things and falls down a lot. He is still doing his gorilla, snake and cow noises. He'll say words every once in a while but not consistently. He said bubbles a couple times yesterday but wouldn't repeat it today. In the past couple of weeks he has become obsessed with letters. When we're reading books he doesn't point to the pictures but points to the letters. He does the same with shirts with letters, his sheets which have letters and today's letter discovery, the moving boxes. We're definitely in the pointing phase. He wants to know what everything is and will point and grunt until you tell him.

Thanks to an Eric Carle book he is also kicking like a donkey and thumping his chest like a gorilla. He shakes his head no when he doesn't like something but doesn't understand the word no. When I say it sternly (like when he is stomping in the dogs' water bowl) he belly laughs. He is definitely good natured. One day I taught him how to feed his cow some hay and making eating noises and now he has blocks and other toys eating things and today he offered Caleb his socks and was making the munching noises. Of course he won't ever do it when I get the camera out. He recently started locating his nose when you ask him but instead of touching it he sticks his finger up a nostril. I thought it was a fluke at first but he does it every time.

The thing that I'm happiest about Jonah learning is how to hug. He doesn't use his arms but he leans into you and lets you hug him. I love it! So below is a short video but it isn't too impressive. Like I said, he really wasn't in the mood. The funny thing is that whenever we watch a video he always does what I'm telling him to do on the video ten times better than he does in the video.

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great grandma louise said...

Grandma great Louise I enjoy your posts and this video so much. Also the call from you last night was greatly appreciated. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Love to you all and have a safe move