Monday, November 23, 2009

I know I promised that I would have video and I will soon but yesterday we enjoyed some family time. Matt got home early enough that he was able to nap and then spend the afternoon with us. Rather he spent the afternoon with Jonah so I could pack. I almost have Jonah's room completely packed. There will be a lot of last minute stuff because we have to take the crib apart and pack the toys. I also boxed up all of our clothes from the dresser. I'm dreading packing the kitchen. Laura helped me in Peoria so it was kind of fun. The dogs are at the groomer so after Jonah wakes up from his nap we're going to run errands (including getting a camera battery) and then pick them up. I want to start working on my Christmas cards but I can't get a picture until Jonah's head heals up. I promise a video tonight or tomorrow. Jonah has added another animal sound and sound effect to his repertoire.

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