Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm horrible at titles

Great news, Abby is home! They're still waiting for tests to come back but she is feeling better and I'm sure her mom and dad are so happy to have her at home.

We're moving in 15 days. Yikes! I need to start some hardcore packing but I don't know where to start. The dogs are going to doggy daycare the day we move so it will just be Jonah and I helping the moving men. Unfortunately Matt can't take a day off.

Jonah LOVES books. Every time I turn around he is handing me one to read to him. We read at least 15 a day (thankfully they're short). I'm about ready to hide a couple that we read over and over. Anyway, back to where this was going, we were looking at a picture book today and he said apple and cup when we saw those pictures. Of course Matt is on call and wasn't here and when we try to get him to repeat something he usually looks at us like we're crazy. And because my camera is still dead, here is an old picture of Caleb. Apparently something was funny.

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grandma J said...

Matt loved books too. In fact I thought Matt was reading at the age of 3. I then realized he had memorized all his books. What a wonderful thing to have a love for reading. I hope you are feeling better Kim and we are so glad you found a nice house with a yard. Love you
Grandma Joan