Friday, November 13, 2009

Long Post

What?! No post for 2 entire days?! I know, I'm sorry. I've received phone calls. We've been worrying, praying, and anxiously waiting for updates on Abby. Thankfully they've ruled out a ton of scary stuff but are still waiting on a diagnosis. She is feeling better and is even treating her adoring fans to some smiles. I've been hugging Jonah extra tight and giving him more kisses (if that is possible) these past few days. Since day 7 of Jonah's life, when the exhaustion and realization of parenthood caught up with me, my biggest fear has been something happening to him. I'm so impressed every time I talk to Laura at how well she is handling it all.

I wish I could say we were on the mend here too but I can't. But I suppose it has to get worse before it gets better. We got an estimate to repair the damages to Matt's car. #1 I'm extremely upset at the individual who hit him and drove away and #2 I need to learn auto body repair because with the prices they charge surely they're making some money. We're also getting his windshield replaced because it had a chip in it and he did nothing about it and now it is a crack that spans the entire window. My PSA for the day, if you have a chip in your window it is so easy and inexpensive to get it fixed before it gets bigger.

Jonah still has his runny nose but it doesn't seem to slow him down. We did breakdown and turn on the Christmas music yesterday. He is a fan of Elvis. I usually watch tv while he is napping and it was still on after he got up yesterday. He saw the commercial for the movie Up and thinks the talking dog is the funniest thing. How does he know it is a dog when it is a cartoon? I don't know but he just laughs and laughs when he sees that dog. I've given up on getting a video for the time being. He is uncooperative and my camera battery died. I'm sure I'll get one of him walking soon because he is pretty much walking all the time. I'm not saying he doesn't fall down every three feet but he gets back up and goes three more.

So when I don't post daily you get rambling nonsense. I'll redeem myself by including some pictures I took before my camera died. And after all, if you made it through all that you deserve a reward.

See his new teeth?

He is well on his way to having his dad's thick hair. It has really grown in the last couple of weeks. It must itch because he keeps scratching his head. It is really cute when he does it.

All bundled up and ready to take the dogs for a walk.

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