Thursday, November 5, 2009


The perfect pair: Noisy boy who likes to make messes and quiet girl who likes to pick them up.

Jonah is fast approaching the age where he is expected to play nicely with others and share toys. It isn't going so well. As soon as he sees another kid with a toy he wants that toy. Thankfully most of the time the kids have been older and they oblige and let him have the toy without a fuss. Today at the children's museum a little boy who was at least 2 pushed Jonah over because he was in his way. I scolded him and he ran to his mom crying. I never want Jonah to be the mean kid on the playground or the one no one wants to invite over because they don't play well with others. I think twins and younger siblings have an advantage in this area because they learn to share from the beginning.
We're looking at another house tomorrow unless they call beforehand and say its taken. I don't have much hope that it will work out because it has carpet throughout which doesn't work very well with two dogs. But the price is right so we're going to look.

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