Friday, November 20, 2009


Someone would not sleep last night. Someone just screamed and screamed until 1:30 am when I decided to drive around Seattle for an hour. Came home, slept 2 hours and then was up screaming again for an hour. Back to sleep and I'm hoping it stays that way for a while. I want to go back to bed but the apartment people are coming over "between the hours of 8am-5pm" for our pre-move out inspection. I tried to call and reschedule but the office doesn't open until 9:30. Ugh. I just want more sleep. I shouldn't care if the maintenance man sees my crazy hair or dirty dishes but I do. They're looking to see if they have to order any parts. What? I would like to leave a note on the door that says "No parts needed. Thanks". I rescheduled the dogs' grooming appointments because I didn't want to wake Jonah. On a side note, we can't go on any playdates until Jonah's impetigo heals. We're doing topical antibiotics so that could be up to a week. Again, ugh. The box total still stands at 3 boxes. With picking up Matt's car, doctors appt, grocery store, reading a million books, and screaming child I couldn't find a moment to pack anything. And he is awake.

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