Saturday, November 28, 2009

So close!

We're not 100% packed but we're pretty close. There are just the last little odds and ends to do. Matt is on call tomorrow so after he naps on Monday he'll be able to help me take apart Jonah's crib and the computer. We'll probably be offline for a few days around the move. I'm on my last load of laundry in this place!! It currently takes three cycles in the dryer to get anything dry so I'll be spending much less time on laundry. A post entirely about Jonah coming soon!

Three little beggars (No Mountain Dew was consumed by anyone under 25)

EDIT: I couldn't sleep so I changed up the blog a bit. Since we're packing and will be unpacking for a while, I had to get my Christmas decorating fix. The header is a work in progress.

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