Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So I'm going to say it again but this time I think we're sure, we found a house! We just went and looked at it tonight. I was in love with the wood floors, awesome kitchen and craftsman style. It is quite tiny. We're talking close quarters here and the fact that we have really large furniture doesn't help. But it is nice and has a great fenced front and back yard, in a great neighborhood, and the owner seems really cool. She is a dancer currently in San Francisco but her parents live here and manage the house for her. We'll go over the details and sign a lease next week when she is in town. Oh my gosh, I forgot the best part. The current tenants have a bulldog, Lola. So adorable! She was the cutest bulldog I have ever seen and I just wanted to take her home. She loved Jonah too. Matt switched to days today and is on call tomorrow but it will be nice to see him on Friday when he gets home. No pictures or videos today. I tried but someone was uncooperative.

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