Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another video

Although Christmas is now past I'll be sharing our pictures and videos with you for a while. On Christmas Eve Matt had to go into the hospital to round. There ended up being a few emergency surgeries putting all the surgeons in the ORs so Matt had to stay so that there would be someone available. It was almost 6 before he was able to come home. It actually worked out because I hadn't had a chance to buy a present for him. So I was one of those crazy people out on Christmas Eve shopping. It wasn't too bad. I did lose my car in the parking garage for about 30 minutes but we eventually found it. I don't know how I thought I was on level 7 but was actually on 3. Thankfully the apple I gave Jonah before we left the house was keeping him happy. People were amazed to see such a little boy clutching a nearly eaten apple core. I ended up getting Matt a toaster (oddly enough we've never owned one) and a video game.
When Matt arrived home Jonah was just waking up from his nap which worked out perfectly because I had set up his table and chairs from Santa in front of the tree and filled his stocking. He loved sitting at his table but he'll need to grow taller before he can get on the stool by himself. He liked the toy in his stocking but tossed aside the socks and crayons. Then we opened all his presents, skyped, ate dinner, skyped, played and went to bed. Below is another video of Jonah "opening" presents. He wasn't really interested in anything except the toy that was in his stocking.

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