Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas tree

This is our little tree. It doesn't look that small until you see it from the street and compare it to all the other trees in windows. I had packed some special ornaments in my suitcase when we were home in October so we do have ornaments from Jonah's first Christmas (and mine too), our first house, honeymoon, and a little Illini snowman. I bought some unbreakable ornaments for the tree and wrapped some of the table runners from our wedding around it.
We might be bad parents but Matt and I haven't bought Jonah any Christmas presents. That is if you don't count the new rug for his room and the larger cloth diapers he desperately needed. We have thought about and looked at things we know we want to get him. We are allowed to be picky and get exactly what we want for the price we want because he won't know or care what day he receives his presents. I was missing wrapping presents so I wrapped the ones people sent him. For the most part he has left them alone. The ones that are small enough for him to pick up he carries around but doesn't try to unwrap them. I took a picture of the picture of him with Santa because I still haven't replaced the ink. We think he is a pretty handsome kid but we're partial. There was a baby who was probably 5 of 6 months ahead of us in line and he smiled so big.

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