Thursday, December 10, 2009

Finally finishing this post!

I started this post many times but gave up hours ago as Jonah decided that, even though he obviously needed it, he was not going to take an afternoon nap. We've been down to one nap a day for weeks now. Most days he does okay but today he could have used at least a catnap. So it is late and I can't think of anything so I'll just post pictures. I wish I had gotten a picture of Matt trying to replace his headlights in the dark using only a pen light. It didn't go so well. So here are pictures of Jonah from today. We went to babies r us yesterday to get a gift for one of the surgical residents having a baby and spent way too much time there. I could live in that store! I love babies! Jonah walked out with a new pair of cool cozy rocket pjs. The other picture is Jonah trying to get the dogs to sit. I showed him how they sit and shake today and he started doing the sit command. They ignored him as they usually do me unless there is food involved.

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Mrs. DeBord said...

I was delighted to find this blog. I can't believe how big Jonah is! I especially enjoy your pictures and comments because I know that Frannie's Nathan is right behind him. Nathan stands when he has something to hold on to and is just finding his balance to stand alone. Isn't is amazing how quickly they grow?