Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Friendly boy

I just finished my Christmas shopping (except for Jonah). I did it all online and had everything shipped directly to the recipient. That isn't as fun as going to the store and then wrapping the present but it saves on shipping costs. Matt has until next Monday off (except for meetings) so we're going to see Santa and find fun activities to do together.
Jonah and I met up with Veronica and Arik today at the childrens museum. As soon as we get there Jonah takes off (in an enclosed area). He always goes up to other moms (or nannies) and hands them toys or holds on to them. There are frequently dads there with their kids and Jonah usually goes to play with them. Today I turned around and he was sitting on some ladies lap. Later we were standing in line at the post office and he started waving and smiling unprovoked at a women in line. He must have liked her red hair. There are times he is bashful but I'm glad to see that most of the time he is friendly.
Here is a short video of some of Jonah's new tricks because I know how you love videos.

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