Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wow, I feel like I accomplished a lot today. I woke up early to head over to the old apartment to finish cleaning and pack up the cleaning supplies. It is the first time that I was able (or willing) to go by myself and clean with no little helper by my side. I turned in the keys, stopped by kinkos, bank, pharmacy and dry cleaner, and was even nice enough to put gas in Matt's car. Jo had a vet appointment today so much to Jonah's delight he tagged along with Matt. We haven't made any plans for the upcoming week so I don't know how busy we'll be but there probably won't be many updates. Our New Year's Eve will be pretty low key. I think this is the first one in my adult life that I'm not spending at work. A new blog look will be coming sometime in January but for now I'll leave the holiday "decorations" up. The picture below was from yesterday after Jonah awoke from his nap. He has been carrying around stuffed animals and blankets lately. That dog is one of his favorites.

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