Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Party

They let Matt off early yesterday so we could attend the surgery holiday party. It was held at one of the bariatric surgeon's house. The food was hands down the best I've ever tasted. I've eaten pasta in Italy but it didn't even compare to the ravioli I ate last night. I met many people who's names I've already forgotten. There was an intern who will be doing radiology with Matt for the next 5 years so I will remember him. His father is an orthopedic surgeon Matt worked with in the fall. The party started after Jonah's bedtime so it wasn't long before he was ready to go home. Although he had already eaten dinner he also enjoyed the food.

Matt is at the hospital today so Jonah and I are just hanging out. It is in the low 30s here which is too chilly to take Jonah for a walk. I found a grocery store a little closer to our house. I let Matt give Jonah a bath and put him to bed while I went to the store. From now on I'm going alone and in the evening because the store was almost empty and it was nice to stroll through the aisles instead of racing to get done because of an impatient toddler. Of course the next morning I had to deal with the consequences of Matt diapering him the night before.

I've been trying to get a holiday photo of Jonah for our Christmas card but haven't had any luck. I think I'll choose an old one because I really need to send them out. This was last night's attempt. He looks unsure of something.

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