Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Moving Day: Take 2

So the movers never came. I arranged for another company to come tomorrow morning and in the meantime Jonah and I are making trips back and forth with stuff in the car. Matt will do the same when he gets home. Jonah and I will make one more trip and then we'll go pick the dogs up from the kennel. I've found a few upsides to this situation: 1) the second movers are $30/hr cheaper, 2) I took a nap today and 3) I prayed for patience this morning before I even knew what the day was going to be like and I've done very well if I do say so myself. Just thought of another, I spent a couple of hours this morning just playing with Jonah because everything was packed and I had no obligations. Now if only I could fast forward a couple weeks, everything would be unpacked and we would be enjoying the holiday season and we would be closer to Jan 1 and Grandma's visit. Patience.

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grandma J said...

I can't believe they never came! I am sorry Kim but it sounds like it is all going to work out. You have such a positive attitude. I wish I was there to help you but I am so proud of you and how you manage everything. You are a wonderful Mom, wife and nurse. Hang in there! I love you all.