Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Now I've got something!

Just like that and now I have something to post. So I was checking out my google reader (which makes my life so much easier) and happened to see this video posted by Nester. I love it! Seeing it makes me sad that Jonah grew bigger and I'm not strong enough to still carry him in the sling. I loved carrying him in the sling and he loved it too. I used it up until he was about a year old. After that it killed my back and he discovered he could reach out and grab things. I never mastered nursing in the sling but I'm told it can be done. I don't have an adjustable ring sling like in the video but I have two Peanut Shell slings, cotton and fleece. It takes practice to learn how to put the baby in and take them out but it was a life saver when Jonah wanted to be held and I needed two hands. It was especially wonderful at the grocery store because it meant more room in my shopping cart and it kept him out of reach from the general public. He would usually fall asleep in it which made trips to the grocery store much easier. So yeah, this video inspired this long post. Enjoy!

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