Sunday, December 6, 2009

This house is our home

We picked up an artificial tree this weekend but it is looking bare without ornaments. Two of the three boxes of Christmas decorations made it to Washington with the one left behind containing ornaments. I did find a balsam and cedar car air freshener that I hung on the tree and walking in you would think there was a real tree in the house. We've really enjoyed having Matt home this weekend. I made pancakes this morning and Jonah couldn't get enough. He ate more than Matt and I did. He wouldn't touch his dinner though. The dogs seem to like the house. The previous tenants had a dog and Caleb found one of her balls and for two days was obsessed with it. He never went anywhere without it and you could see him considering if he should put the ball down to eat. Then he chewed it up and so we had to take it away. Matt and I are going to sit down and watch Amazing Race finale!

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