Thursday, December 3, 2009

We made it!

So the last two days have been crazy. I would not recommend moving alone with two dogs and a toddler. Especially not if you have no muscle like me and rely on your husband to carry everything heavy. There were many times that I wished I could just call someone up to come help but I'm now seeing light at the end of the tunnel. The kitchen is unpacked and that makes me happy. I made Jonah and I a real supper for the first time in days. Matt is on call tonight but he has the weekend off after no days off in 33 days. I feel bad that he doesn't get to relax and has to help unpack but we'll try to squeeze in some family fun. I'm sure I'll have much more to post later. I'm currently sitting on the floor of our old apartment because we're still making trips to get odds and ends. I needed to pick up the modem (?) because the cable/internet people are coming tomorrow to hook us up. Jonah is currently unpacking his diaper bag contents onto the floor so I should go. Here are a few pictures from move in day to wet your appetite. Thanks for the phone calls! I definitely needed the encouragement as there were times that the task seemed insurmountable.

The old place all packed up and ready to go.


Living Room

Other half of the living room/entry/location of our dresser/computer area

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