Thursday, January 7, 2010


The dogs come running when I tell Jonah it is snack time.

We dropped Grandma Joan off at the airport this morning. We hope she makes it home with all the snow. We had somewhat of a busy week and I took a break from blogging and picture taking. Matt and I went to a movie (Avatar) and dinner (sushi) which was really nice. Joan and I did some shopping which was fun. I hadn't bought any jeans since before I was pregnant with Jonah and they were actually too big so I desperately needed some. Of course Jonah got some clothes too. Matt is on call tonight but then is on vacation all of next week. We don't have any plans other than car maintenance. I've been freezing this evening but supposedly it is around 50 right now in Seattle. I think I've gone soft(er).

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George and Krista said...

Hey Kim,

Hope you all are doing well! Did you have a good Christmas? Were any of your family able to make it out for a visit? George is interviewing at UW on the 23rd of January. Originally we were thinking of Gracie and myself tagging along, but at this point, I don't think that's going to work out. I would have loved to see you again and meet Jonah! Thanks for the offer for George to crash on your couch. Another Northwestern student is going to be out there the same time and I think they're going to split a hotel room. I will let you know for sure if our plans change and I'm coming with! Take care, Krista