Sunday, January 10, 2010

Choosing favorites

Jonah received a toy for Christmas made by Leapfrog that sings the alphabet and loves to press the button and "sing" along. I remembered that Nate had gotten him a video for his birthday from Leapfrog about letters so I turned it on to see what he thought of it. We don't usually sit him down in front of the tv (mainly because the APA doesn't recommend it before 2) but he and Matt watched Sesame Street yesterday and he loved it. So I turned it on and he was squealing and pointing like crazy. I started filming him but then he was distracted by Jo. She was getting a toy out of the dog basket and he didn't like it. For some reason when he sees Jo with a toy he points and "yells" at her and then takes it away. They're always dog toys and never his toys. He is completely fine with Caleb having anything and actually gives Caleb his toys. Anyway, the video was cut short because he left to take Jo's toy.

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George and Krista said...

Hey we have the same dvd! Grace calls it "a" (short "a" sound:)