Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New best friend

After spending the day running around trying to get WA license plates for my car, Jonah is exhausted. It is rare that he sleeps in the car anymore so his nap was a couple hours overdue. Matt is on call so it is just Jonah and I tonight.

So my new best friend is my gps. We had been wanting one for a while but it seemed like an unnecessary luxury. When a friend offered to sell us one they no longer needed for a great price we decided to give it a try. Oh my goodness, I don't know how I ever lived without it. I have no sense of direction and even with this I miss turns but then it says "recalculating" and tells me where to go. Another example of its handiness was today when I was at one place and needed to find a fed ex. A couple of weeks ago I would have had to go home and look up a location on the computer, print directions, and get Jonah loaded in the car again. Today I just typed it in and I was off. Anyone who moves to a new place should have one. They would be fantastic for vacation too. You can be sure we'll be taking it to California with us this summer.

This picture is from last night. Jonah had eaten, bathed and was in his pjs waiting for Matt to come home. I set him up with some crayons while I did the dishes. He was coloring and went right off the paper onto the wall by accident. I explained we only color on paper but he was very interested in the mark on the wall and repeatedly pointed to it and said something (who knows what) to me. Then he decided to put his feet on the table which he still thinks is hilarious and, of course, taste the crayons.

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Anonymous said...

I thought I left a message but it is not posted so I will try again. we are getting snow and wind is blowing. ground is already covered. I am ready for spring and it is only last of Jan. Harry fixed my internet today. Too much snow on roof interferring with signal. I really enjoy the pictures Jonah is really growing and it looks like he really enjoys daddy reading to him. Love you all G grandma Louise