Monday, January 18, 2010


I was on the phone and heard Jonah whining. I went to check it out and found him in the corner, stuck in the dog toy basket. As any mother would do, I grabbed my camera.

There isn't much to report here. Matt is back to work. After his nap Jonah and I are heading to the vet to pick up antibiotics for Caleb for yet another UTI. He acts fine but the sample they took almost two weeks ago grew enterococcus and the vet wants to do two weeks of antibiotics. We took a few pictures yesterday so I thought I would share. I need to read the manual for this camera because my pictures are not turning out that great. The mark on Jonah's chin looks like rug burn. I don't know when or how it happened.

Jonah was trying to put on Matt's shoes but when I got my camera he was just carrying them around. Sidenote: That is what in front of the bookshelf usually looks like. Matt doesn't understand why I pick it up several times a day if Jonah is just going to take them all off again.



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