Friday, January 15, 2010

Rain, rain go away!

We had our meeting today to set goals for Jonah's speech therapy. The first official session is next week. We're going to focus on mealtime and hope once he gets that it will click and he'll start communicating with us. He likes the speech pathologist and I know he'll have fun when she comes over.

It has been rainy here all week. Our planned trip to the zoo today has been postponed for another day. I'm going to work on the basement. We finally broke down the boxes from moving and are straightening things up so we can make Jonah a little playroom. I have my sewing machine set up down there too so while he plays I can sew. I'll post pictures when it is finished.

Here are more pictures. I'm still learning the camera and so some pictures are fuzzy. Even though it is fuzzy, I thought this picture was cute and wanted to post it.

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