Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yee ha!

Here is a video of Jonah saying his new word from a few days ago. You have to listen closely because he doesn't say it clearly. Since then he started saying it very clearly and often. We hear him in his room when he wakes up saying it. He says it when he is excited and also when he is crying. Hopefully I'll be able to get a better video soon. I hope this video doesn't load too slowly. Matt said it is a big file so it might take a while to load. If so, I'm sorry.

Today is the last day of Matt's vacation. Boo! His next vacation is in June. Jonah and I might visit Illinois in March. I've kind of been waiting to make plans until I have a job but that isn't really happening. One of the primary reasons I went into nursing was because the availability of jobs. I didn't ever think I would have trouble finding one. Of course, if I wanted to work med-surg nursing I wouldn't have a problem but I'm a neo nurse through and through. I think I paid my dues with adults when I was a CNA.

Without further ado here is the video. Listen to the beginning. The rest is nothing. I haven't taken the the time to sit down and learn how to edit videos yet.

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