Sunday, January 3, 2010


We hit up the zoo today which may seem odd in January but it was 50 degrees and it didn't start raining until we were leaving. I'm pretty sure Jonah scared many of the animals with his squealing and LOUD exclamations.


g grandma louise said...

You are missing some very cold weather. It was seven below zero again this morning. This is the fifth day of this cold weather. They say we are going to get more snow tomorrow I hope they are wrong. the snow we have now is so hard in the below zero weather. I really enjoy the pictures and good to see Matt enjoying a day with Jonah. Not going much as it is too cold. I love you all and glad Joan is enjoying her visit. Love Great grandma Louise

Anonymous said...

That baby has the fattest cheeks. I just want to kiss them. I would much rather be there than in snow storms and ice and below zero temps. I hope you and Matt enjoy your week off wish I could be with you. Give Jonah kisses. Love Mom