Friday, February 26, 2010

Can't think of a title

Gasp! No picture?! I know, I know. I'll try this weekend. Jonah and I met up with Veronica and Aric (notice how I spell his name differently all the time? I'm not sure how to spell it) at the mall. The play area was packed and Jonah uncharacteristically clung to my leg. He finally ventured out a bit but was knocked over a few times. He's pretty sturdy but still looks so young. He looks more like a 15 month old than an 18 month old. I stopped in B&B Works to look for a birthday gift and I had a coupon for a free lotion. Now my hands smell divine. I've been sniffing them all afternoon.

We have big plans this weekend. Matt and I are going on a date! We haven't decided where we're going or what we're doing but we have the babysitter lined up. Next week Matt has a conference at a ski resort a few hours away but I haven't decided if Jonah and I will tag along. Since he is a bit young to ski (classes start at 2 years) we would just hang out in the room. Caleb is getting into something in the other room so I should go stop him. I think he's developed some OCD and is driving me batty with his fixations and scratching on spots on the floor and baseboards. Unfortunately one of his spots is in Jonah's room so he has been throwing himself against the door to open it and waking Jonah up at night.

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